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LOST: top 10 theories over the years - Oceanic flight 815 is Lost

About LOST: top 10 theories over the years

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Okay... time travel with me friends. (We all know how it works from watching the show...)

It's November 26th of 2004 and my sister, hercircumstance and I sit down to discuss what we think is happening on LOST. And I say this,

Bare with the goofy imagery, but let's say there was some minor god who likes playing Backgammon and he causes people to be stranded on his island. He took the tail section of the plane for his players and left Locke with the others. He's started a new game.

Close, well pretty... close.

I was challenged to come up with the top-ten Crack-Pot LOST Theories we've had over the past six years. I'm not sure if I can remember the best, but I'm sure I can remember some.

10. Wonderland: White Rabbit? Through the Looking Glass? Suddenly my knowledge of Alice is limited and I point you all to this instead.

9. Super Human Program: turns out Ethan was just strong. But that guy was freakishly powerful. Hulked up maybe?

8. Quarantine For The Infected: Danielle made it sound creepy and Desmond took daily injections to avoid contracting IT. Dharma stamped it on the inside of the hatch door and the Orientation films told of an incident. Seemed likely enough.

7. The Most Dangerous Game: What I wrote in 2005: Anyone else remember that short story? I was wondering if LOST is like that in some senses. Correct me, my memory is fuzzy. Two guys are shipwrecked. End up on an island. Find 'host' living in luxury on the island. Man tells the survivors that if they can escape the island they can live... but Man will be hunting them and trying to kill them in the meantime.

6. Rambaldi's Island: It is JJ Abram's Island too, after a fashion. This answer showed up on a flight_815 quiz which is still somewhat amusing. (Can I say that if I wrote it? I think so...)

5. Aliens! I actually read a fabulous fanfic that went this direction back in 2004/2005. Of course, the island is flying through space on the back of a tortoise while they all do mad experiments on the Losties!

4. It's All Part Of Jack's Dream: came up at the water cooler all the time. Usually followed by: I'll be so disappointed.

3. Purgatory: Some people thought this. I heard it all the time. See #4. It was better than that... haha.

2. It's All About Bunnies: So Watership Down is just about my favorite book and when Sawyer was reading it I knew two things. The guy was smarter than he looked and the LOST writers were smarter than they looked too! I may have recast the bunnies from WD a million times but Jack is always Hazel and Sawyer is still Bigwig...

1. Backgammon: It was one of our favorite theories around flight_815. Who was going to say that conversation Locke had with Walt about the dark side and the light side wasn't going to mean something... someday...???

So... what am I forgetting? I'm sure their are some science ones that went over my head. What was Faraday going on about all the time? Comment ahoy!

And, please, enjoy your LOST experience.
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Date:May 23rd, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)
Who knew one of our very first ideas was closes to the mark!
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Date:May 23rd, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)
I KNOW. I remember feeling really crazy about the Two Players when I said it too and I'm pretty sure we tried to edit it down. But all we have to show is what we typed up.
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